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February 28, 2013

Library Corner 2 28 13

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            February is quickly coming to a close.  What a month!  Here is the schedule of events for the library for the month of March.

            March 4th and March 18th – Toddler Time at the Library at 11am.  All toddlers and their caregivers are invited to come to the library to hear stories, color or other small craft and have a light snack.  We love toddlers at Toddler Time.

            March 27th – Lunch & Learn at the Library at 12 noon.  Our guest speaker is to be announced.  Please remember to bring a lunch, the library will provide drinks and dessert.  Let’s Lunch & Learn at the Library.

            We’ve noticed that there seen to be more frequent school projects due lately.  Here are a few helpful hints for all of our young (as well as our older) scholars when you come to the library to do your research.  Please give yourself enough time to do your work and not come in at the last minute.  It is very hard to assist everyone when you all arrive 20 minutes before the library closes.  Please remember that all computer use ends at 10 minutes prior to the library closing.  Please remember to have one of your parents come with you to get a library card.  The library has to have your parents’ signature on your application card if you are under age 18.  Please remember to bring your library card with you each time you come to the library to use the computers.  You cannot get on the computers without having your card.  When researching on the Internet, please remember to use trustworthy websites like Tennessee Electronic Library.  Wikipedia is not a trusted site.  If you want to print from a website, please remember to “Print Preview” before you actually print.  By “Print Previewing”, you will see how many pages will be printing out and you can choose what pages you need.  You are responsible for EVERYTHING that you print, even if it is just one line on a page.  Printing charges are as follows: $0.10 PER PAGE for Black and White printing, and $0.20 PER PAGE for Color printing.  All our computers default to our Black and White printer.  If you want color prints, you must select the color printer from the print menu.  Good luck in your research.

            Happy Reading!


February 21, 2013

Library Corner 2 21 13

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            Lunch & Learn will be offered on Wednesday, February 27th at 12 noon in the Library Meeting Room.  Our guest presenter is being finalized as we speak, so please stay tuned for details on the library’s Facebook page and the Calendar of Events on the Library Catalog. 

            A few more words about tax forms, besides “Oh what fun . . . taxes.”  We are still receiving tax forms here at the library.  The IRS was delayed in sending many of the forms to us at the beginning of the tax season.  We are expecting them just as you are.  No, we do not know when the forms will be shipped to us.  As soon as we receive the forms, we will put them out.  You may always check the IRS website (www.IRS.gov) for further information.  The staff of the library is not qualified to give any type of tax advice.  We can ONLY give you the forms.  No, we do not know what forms that you need.  If you have questions about your tax forms please contact a certified tax preparer or the IRS. 

            I just read that last week was Norman Bridwell’s birthday.  He turned 85.  He is perhaps my favorite childhood author.  Does the name sound familiar to you?  Hmmmmm??  Maybe it should.  Mr. Bridwell is the author of the “Clifford the Big Red Dog” series.  Clifford, once a tiny pup, now a massive red dog with a heart of gold even if he did cause a little unintentional mischief now and then, and Emily Elizabeth, his human family, would have all these grand adventures.  I loved reading Clifford books and was really excited if I got to check one out from the library.  Who was your favorite childhood author?  Please tell us about him or her and why you liked them.  We’d love to hear about it!

            Happy Reading!

February 14, 2013

Library Corner 2 14 13

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            Happy Valentine’s Day!  What is the best gift of all?  Besides chocolate and roses, that is.  It’s the gift of reading because it lasts a lifetime.

            Do you READS?  The following information is from the Tennessee State Library and Archives website.  What Are Digital Books?  eBooks are the digital versions of print books, which allow you to read the full text of a book on a screen.  Digital audio books are the digital versions of audio books, similar to what you might find in cassette or CD format.  Both kinds of digital books can be downloaded to your computer and used offline. Some can be transferred to portable devices, or even burned to CD. Best of all, digital books are automatically returned, so there are never late fees or trips to the library.

What do you need to access READS?  Both digital audio books and eBooks can be used on a variety of computing devices and operating systems for PCs, Mac, laptops, and supported PDAs.  The digital book site offers digital audio books in the OverDrive Media Console™ format, and eBooks in the Adobe® Reader® format. To access digital books, you will need:

A valid library card.

Brief access to the Internet.

Free software for the device on which you wish to use your digital book.

Please note that digital books can be enjoyed at home, at work, or when you travel, but are generally not for use on the computers in the library.

Use READS in three easy steps. Step 1: Download & Install Digital Book

Software.  As a first step, you will need to install free software on the computer(s) on which you want to use digital books. The free software is available from the digital book Web site. Step 2: Register Your Free Software.  Next, you’ll need to register your free software.  You only need to register the software once for each computer on which you’ll access digital books.  Step 3: Check Out and Enjoy Digital Books.  Add a title to your Digital Cart and check it out.  After check out, you’re ready to download. Once the download is complete, you can close your Internet connection and enjoy your digital book offline.  At the end of the digital book loan period, the title will expire and be automatically ‘returned’ to the library.  At this time, you can delete the expired file from your computer.

            Happy Reading!

February 8, 2013

Library Corner 2 7 13

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            Do TEL!  The following information came from (yes, you guessed it) the Tennessee Electronic Library (http://tntel.tnsos.org/about.htm) for all your research needs.

The Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) is a virtual library that you can access from your home pc, your school library computer lab, or your iPhone – anywhere with an internet connection. TEL provides access to over 400,000 electronic resources, including magazines, scholarly journals, podcasts, videos, e-books, test preparation materials, federal census records, Tennessee primary source materials, and more!
            All types of not-for-profit libraries participate in TEL and benefit from the wide range of information TEL databases offer, including homework help to new readers, consumer health information, business resources, leisure reading suggestions, current event essays, academic and civil service test preparation help, and genealogy and family history sources.  Over 1.2 million searches are performed each month across the various TEL databases.  Since 1999, the Tennessee Electronic Library has been dedicated to providing equal access to this expansive collection of electronic resources for all Tennesseans.   TEL is administered by the Tennessee State Library and Archives, a division of the Tennessee Department of State, Tre Hargett, Secretary of State.

The mission of the Tennessee Electronic Library is to provide convenient and equitable access to library and information resources for all citizens of Tennessee to enhance the quality of their everyday lives, the depth of their educational experience, and the economic prosperity of their communities.

TEL has grown into a resource of 33 databases supplied by six vendors. In addition to the Gale collection of databases, TEL resources also include EBSCO’s Points of View Reference Center, LearningExpress Library’s test preparation database, NewsBank’s Tennessee Newspaper Collection, the genealogy database HeritageQuest online, and World Book Encyclopedia.

In an effort to continue to expand the materials available through TEL, the Tennessee State Library has added Volunteer Voices, a statewide digital collection from Tennessee institutions, and the Tennessee Virtual Archive, a digital repository of Tennessee History and Culture, to the list of available TEL resources. Volunteer Voices, another Tenn-Share initiative, and the Tennessee Virtual Archive, a program of the State Library and Archives, provide Tennessee students with direct access to primary source materials documenting the state’s rich history.

TEL saves individual libraries money by providing core reference materials, journals, newspapers and is of special benefit to smaller and rural libraries, since they could not afford these databases on their own.

            The Tennessee Electronic Library URL is http://tntel.tnsos.org or you may access the link on the Verso On-Line Catalog on the library website at http://elmarosspubliclibrary.webs.com

            Happy Reading!

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