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March 28, 2013

Library Corner 3 28 13

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No Library Corner article for this week.  The Elma Ross Public Library will be closed on Friday, March 29th in observance of Good Friday.  Everyone have a blessed Easter Season.


March 22, 2013

Library Corner 3 21 13

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Are you interested in family history?  Have you ever wondered about your family tree?  Have you wondered just how far reaching your family is?  If you have ever had any of these questions, then you may want to do a little family history search here at the library. 

            The Elma Ross Public Library has the Reese J. Moses-Scallions Genealogy Room, a room chock-full of amazing family history.  We have 4 file cabinets full of family history materials.  We also have multiple shelves worth of book resources.  We have several on-line resources.  And we have some records (census, deeds, newspaper, etc) on microfilm. 

The four filing cabinets we have in the genealogy room are full of a surprising array of materials.  There are copies of family bibles, newspaper accounts, as well as research that has been done by previous family members.  A lot of the family records are interrelated, so please search carefully.

The book materials that we have in the genealogy room are mostly Tennessee related, but we do have some other states represented.  Please feel free to browse and research.  The books in our genealogy room are considered Reference materials and may not be checked-out of the library; however, we can make copies of any pertinent information that you find in them. 

            Our on-line resources include a subscription to Ancestry.com and access to HeritageQuest which is provided by TEL.  These online resources can be accessed on the genealogy room computers.  We also have some records on microfilm, which include but are not limited to census data, court records and deeds, and past issues of the local newspaper.  Printing charges do apply for anything that is printed from the computers, from the microfilm machine, or copied at the copy machine at the circulation desk.

            A word to our genealogy volunteers.  Thank you!  We know that various family/health issues have affected your ability to be able to spend time here at the library, and we thank you all the same.  Harriet, Tina, Debbie, and Jim, you have been a tremendous help to us.  Miss Tina, please contact us and let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.

            Happy Reading!

March 15, 2013

Library Corner 3 14 13

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            Spring, are you here yet?  We certainly hope that you are.  We have been looking forward to your sweet, gentle breezes and beautiful, fragrant flowers.  Do you know what else spring means?  It means that we can go outside and sit in our favorite swing to read the books we just checked out from the library!

            Since spring is marching on in, here is the library schedule for the rest of the month.  On Monday, March 18th, we have Toddler Time at 11am.  All toddlers and their caregivers are invited to come and listen to stories, do a small craft or color, and have a small snack.  We love Toddler Time at the Library.

            On Wednesday, March 27th, we have Lunch & Learn.  The program speaker is still being conformed, so please stay tuned for details.  Please remember to bring a lunch, the library will provide drinks and dessert. 

            Using the computers here at the library is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.  If you do not have your valid library card (or if you are a visitor, your valid ID), you will not be able to get on the computers here.  You must pay for all printing that you do.  Printing charges for the computers are: $0.10 cents per page for black and white printing and $0.20 cents per page for color printing.  You must pay before we release your printing job.  Printing charges for the copy machine are: $0.25 cents per page for single-sided pages and $0.35 cents per page for double-sided pages.  Please “Print Preview” your document before selecting “Print” to see how many pages your document is and how much it will be.  If you only need 1 or 2 pages out of a multipage document, you can always choose which pages you want printed when you access the Print Screen.  We do have free WiFi service here as well.  If you have your own laptop with an internet connection, you are free to use it within the building.  There is no Access Code for our WiFi system.

            Happy Reading!

March 7, 2013

Library Corner 3 7 12

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Oops!  Our apologies.  There is no Library Corner article this week.

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