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August 29, 2014

Library Corner 8 28 14

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Have you ever wondered how the library is organized? We’re not talking about how the books are arranged on the shelves either, but the library itself? Have you ever wondered how the library came about?

The library was instituted as a “Public Library” as defined by the Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 10. We are a legally formed library. Which means that the library was established here in Brownsville/Haywood County in the early 1900’s. We receive operating funds from the city and the county. We have an established Board of Directors, whose members are appointed by either the city or county. Our Board of Directors are our governing body, who oversee our policies and procedures. We offer our services, use of our materials, to the public free of charge. Charges may be incurred for overdue fines/printing/faxing, replacement cards, etc. For a full review of the Tennessee Code Annotated, Title 10, please come to the library and ask to see our Tennessee Code section or you may visit http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/tncode/ as an on-line resource.

We want everyone to be aware of how vital our library is to our community. We are very fortunate to have a library in our community for over 100 years. There are not too many businesses here that can claim that distinction. We are very proud of it. We want everyone to be proud of our library. We want everyone to feel comfortable coming into the library to get the information that you need, whether it is from a book or on-line resource. We want you to Geek, to love, our library as much as we do. We have been a part of the Geek the Library campaign since the first of the year and even though the campaign is ending soon, we want you to keep supporting, Geeking, the library because we need you to make our library great.

Happy Reading!


August 22, 2014

Library Corner 8 21 14

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Change. Does anyone really like change? We’re not taking about money, like “Did you bring me back my change from dinner?”, but change, as in doing something different and you don’t know how to feel about it. You may be scared or anxious, or both. Well, one thing is for sure, change always comes and the library is no different.

Change is coming to the library very soon. Nothing bad, we promise. Nothing is happening to the building. At least we certainly hope not. We aren’t expecting any change that way. Our on-line catalog is changing. It is getting a whole new look and has some great new features. Please have patience as the staff gets used to working with the new system which should be up and running within the next few weeks.

One of the best changes about the improved circulation system will be that you should be able to access it not only via your computer, but also by your tablet and smart phone! That’s really exciting. You will be able to access our public library catalog 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on any mobile device. It’s going to take a little to get used to, so please be patient.

As soon as the site is up and running, we look forward to hearing your comments about it, or the library in general. In fact there will be a “Comments” section just for that purpose. It will also have a link to the library’s website and Calendar of Events. Oh yes, and you can search for books too!

Be on the lookout for the new, improved Verso On-Line Catalog – coming soon!

Happy Reading!

August 15, 2014

Library Corner 8 14 14

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Did you know that this library is largely a “popular materials” library? That means that we order books, when we have funds available, written by current, popular authors. We also try to keep current on books in a series by an author and when we have funds available, we will order books to fill in any gaps in our collections. Is there an author or book series that you are aware of/have read that we need to know about? Please let us know if you have run across a good author that we don’t currently have on our shelves.

Did you know that our library keeps quite a bit of non-fictions titles as well? We have many topics in our non-fiction collection from technology, religion, sciences, humanities, biographies and much, much more. We may not always agree with what we read, but we offer opposing viewpoints so that we all may be informed.

Did you know that the library offers use of our computers to patrons? Computers may be used by patrons up to 2 hours per day, per person. Patrons may use our computers for just about anything, so long as it isn’t illegal, immoral, or fattening. Patrons may also print from our computers as well. Printing charges are as follows: $0.10 cents per page for black and white printing. $0.20 cents per page for color printing. All of our computers default to our black and white printer. If you wish to print something in color, you must choose the color printer under print options. You must pay for everything that you print, even if it is just one line on a page or it has misprinting on it, it must be paid for. Computer use is a privilege, not a right.

Did you know that the library is a Wireless hotspot? That means if you have a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone, that you can access the internet at the library on your device on our wireless network. Absolutely free! The only thing that cannot be done on our wireless network is printing. We do not have a wireless printer on our system.

We offer quite a bit here at our library, come and check us out.

Happy Reading!

August 8, 2014

Library Corner 8 7 14

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We have a winner for our Adult Summer Reading Contest for the month of July. That winner is Mrs. Sharon Clark! Way to go Sharon! We are excited for you. Please come by the library to claim your prize. Summer Reading contests are officially over. We look forward to next summer’s adventure. Let’s all continue reading – it does a body good.

School is here. Teachers, parents and schoolchildren are starting new discoveries this year. A new year, a new challenge. We want all Haywood County teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students to know that the public library is here for you. If there are any projects that your classes will be doing, please contact us at the library (772-9534 or elmarosslibrary@bellsouth.net) and let us know what the project is, so that we can pull our materials that we have here and make access easier for our students. We want every student to succeed and that success depends on us working together. Let’s make this school year great!

For our Haywood County educators – did you know that the Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) has a section just for you? There is a section titled “Especially for Educators”, and it covers Curricular Resources; Lesson Plans; Links of Collections for your website (including: Educators Reference Complete, Vocations & Careers Collections, Professional Collection, and Information Science and Library Issues); Find Articles (from Education Innovator, Education Week, Teacher Education Quarterly, School Library Journal, Counselor Education & Supervision, School Administrator); Praxis I & II Test Prep; and TEL Kids Page – all for FREE and available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We love TEL and we hope that you do too! Please contact the library (772-9534 or elmarosslibrary@bellsouth.net) if you have any questions about TEL and its resources for our students and educators.

Happy Reading!

August 1, 2014

Library Corner 7 31 14

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! The winners for the Teens and Adults Summer Reading Contests for the month of July are . . . . . not yet ready to be announced just yet. You have until 5pm today, Thursday, July 31st to get your entries in. So hurry up, finish reading that book, return it to the library, fill out a “How I Liked This Book” form, and place in in the drawing box.

Do you know that the library has books? We do, you know. It is what we are famous for. At any rate, there are times when we don’t have the specific book that you are looking for on our shelves. It does happen occasionally. We have a few options if that happens. One option is that we purchase the book, which we will do when we have the funds available and it meets our Collection Development Guidelines. Option two is that we request the book from another Tennessee library through the Inter-Library Loan program. All we need is the information on the book (name, author) and your contact information. It generally takes 1-2 weeks to receive an Inter-Library Loan. The third option is to see if the READS Program has the book available for download to your computer/e-reader of choice.

READS? What is READS? READS is the Regional E-book and Audio-book Download System. The Regional Ebook and Audiobook Download System “offers thousands of digital ebooks and audiobooks to patrons of public libraries that belong to the Tennessee Regional Library System. These digital titles can be downloaded to your personal computer and then transferred to various portable devices such as MP3 players and ebook readers.
To use R.E.A.D.S. go to this website – http://reads.lib.overdrive.com – and click the “Download Digital Media Guided Tour” link found on the upper left-hand side of the R.E.A.D.S. homepage. This short video will show you how to search for a title, checkout and download the title to your personal computer, and transfer the title to your portable device (retrieved from http://www.tn.gov/tsla/lps/READS/reads.htm).” If you have any questions about READS, please contact us at the library (772-9534) and we will do our best to help you navigate the READS site and/or assist with your device.

Happy Reading!

Library Corner 7 24 14

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One week left. Just one week left. One week left for what? One week left for our Teen and Adult Summer Reading Contests for the month of July. Teens and Adults have until 5pm on Thursday, July 31st to place their names in the drawing box, after they have read a book, returned it, and filled out a “How I Liked This Book” form, that is. So keep reading, keep reading, keep reading and entering, entering, entering. The more you read, the more you can enter, the greater chance that your name will be drawn at the end of the month.

Now that the month of July is almost over (say it isn’t so!!!) all our Haywood County teachers and schoolchildren are gearing up for a new school year. Being well-educated is important. The school system thinks that it is important, our local government thinks that it is important, and your library thinks that it is important. The Elma Ross Public Library wants everyone to have a great school year. We also want everyone to succeed. We want everyone to know that the library is here to help with all your studying needs. Whether you are just starting out in Pre-K or working on your Doctorate, the library is here to assist you in all your learning needs. How can we do this? We have TEL.

What is TEL? TEL is the Tennessee Electronic Library. The Tennessee Electronic Library is “a virtual library that you can access from your home pc, your school library computer lab, or your iPhone – anywhere with an internet connection. TEL provides access to over 400,000 electronic resources, including magazines, scholarly journals, podcasts, videos, e-books, test preparation materials, federal census records, Tennessee primary source materials, and more!

All types of not-for-profit libraries participate in TEL and benefit from the wide range of information TEL databases offer, including homework help to new readers, consumer health information, business resources, leisure reading suggestions, current event essays, academic and civil service test preparation help, and genealogy and family history sources. Over 1.2 million searches are performed each month across the various TEL databases. Since 1999, the Tennessee Electronic Library has been dedicated to providing equal access to this expansive collection of electronic resources for all Tennesseans” (retrieved from http://www.tntel.info).

Happy Reading!

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