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October 23, 2014

Library Corner 10 23 14

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article for this week.


Library Corner 10 16 14

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There was a young gentleman who recently came in and donated some books to us for the Friends book sale. In the bag with the books was a full photo album. The photo album is brown with colorful, different sized circles. There is no name and we don’t recognize the people in the photos. Please, sir, come back to the library and claim your photo album.

Also, there is a female, we are assuming young and we hope of legal age, who is bringing beer into the library and consuming it in the ladies bathroom and leaving the can in the trash. Please STOP. No beverages are to be brought into the library, especially alcoholic beverages. The opened can of beer in the trash can is making a mess and is creating an unpleasant odor in the bathroom. Please stop.

Lastly, the white metal Book Return Box is just that – a Book Return Box. It is NOT a trash can. Anytime anyone places trash, especially opened drink containers, in the Book Return Box, it causes a mess and damages the books that have been returned. Please, we beg you, use the trash containers located at the football stadium for your trash. Our books are precious to us, we don’t want them damaged by people’s carelessness. Just to reiterate – the Book Return box is NOT A TRASH CAN!!!!!

Thank you.

October 9, 2014

Library Corner 10 9 14

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We beg your pardon. The Library Corner article was not written for this week. Our apologies.

October 1, 2014

Library Corner 10 2 14

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The library will be CLOSED on Friday, October 3, because of the HHS Homecoming festivities planned in the stadium and surrounding parking lots by Haywood County Schools. The library wishes every success to the Tomcats. Go Tomcats!

And speaking about homecoming festivities, the library has one major concern. Please, please, please (with a cherry on top) do NOT USE the library BOOK RETURN DROP BOX as a trashcan. Book return box you ask? Yes, the Book Return Box. It is a square, white metal box with black lettering which states “Book Return” on it. It is located near the handicapped ramp entrance to the library. It is hard to miss. It really says “Book Return” on it and also has signs on it that state “No Trash. Only Books” on all four sides. Please do not put your trash in it. People who use the box correctly have put books in it. If you drop trash, especially drinks, in the Book Return Box with books in it, the books will be damaged. Please use the trashcans provided at the stadium for your trash during the homecoming festivities. Thank you very kindly.

Now for the calendar of the rest of the events to be help here at the library during the month of October. On Monday, October 6, we have Toddler Time offered at 11am. All toddlers and their caregivers are invited to come listen to stories and color/craft. Also on Monday, October 6, we have the basic Skills Computer Class at 2pm. These FREE basic skills classes are first come, first served and are limited to 10 people. On Monday, October 20, we have Toddler Time offered at 11am.

Happy Reading!

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