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January 29, 2015

Library Corner 1 29 15

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We have been getting many questions about tax forms. The Elma Ross Public Library is a participant in the Tax Forms Outlet Program of the IRS. We received the following communication from them on January 9:

While we had committed to waiting until next year to making changes to the Tax
Forms Outlet Program, the situation has changed. As you may be aware, IRS
appropriations were significantly cut in the 2015 Omnibus Appropriations bill recently
passed by Congress. Unfortunately this puts us in a position where we have very few
options. We want to honor our commitment to you by providing some key products, but
we cannot deliver nearly what we have in the past.
For this filing season, we will offer the following products:

• Forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ
• Publication 17, one reference copy for each participant (Taxpayers will be able to access Publication 17 in English and Spanish online from irs.gov/Pub17 and, new this year, it will also be available as a free e-Pub for downloading from IRS.gov and viewing on most e-Readers and other mobile devices.)
• Publication 4604 (EN/SP), Use the Web for IRS Tax Products & Information
• Publication 1132, Reproducible Copies of Federal Tax Forms and Instructions
• The TFOP Poster Package which includes:

o Publication 1169, Need Tax Help?
o Publication 1258, Where Should I Send This?
o Publication 1309, Tax Forms This Way Publication
o Publication 1725, If The Form Fits…Use It!

No additional products will be available through the TFOP Program.

What does this mean for us here at the Elma Ross Public Library and for everyone in Brownsville/Haywood County? Well, it means that all the tax forms that we used to carry here at the library will not be available in paper form. We will be getting a supply of the standard forms (1040, 1040A,1040EZ), but NO instruction books. This is the governments doing, not the library. We have not received any of these forms yet either. They should be arriving within 1-3 weeks, we hope. Again, this is due to the IRS, and not the library. If you have questions, please visit the IRS website (www.irs.gov), as the library staff is prohibited from giving any type of tax advice. We cannot help you decide what form to use or how to fill it out. As soon as we receive any of these tax forms, we will make them available in the tax form rack. Also, the library does not/cannot give out any employer forms, like W2s or 1099s. The IRS forbids us from giving these type forms out. These forms must come from your employer. If you are an employer, you may order these forms from the IRS. Again, visit the IRS website (www.irs.gov). Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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January 23, 2015

Library Corner 1 22 15

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Our apologies, there is no Library Corner article for this week.

Library Corner 1 15 15

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Let’s see, do we have everything we need to write this week’s article? Hmmm. Should we double-check to be sure? Sounds like a great idea. Ok, we have a tall glass of water to sip on the desk. Check. We have some raisins to snack on. Check. We have pen and paper. Well, sort of. We have the electronic version of that. We have a computer keyboard and word-processing program. Check. And finally, we have a general idea of what needs to go into the weekly newspaper article. Nope, we do not have that. Drat. That’s not good. What we need is a plan or a list. A list! That’s it, we need a list of upcoming library events for the rest of the month. We can do that.

First item on our list for the newspaper article is that the library will be closed on Monday, January 19th in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We hope that everyone has a blessed day.

Second item on our list for the newspaper article is that Lunch & Learn will be offered on Wednesday, January 28th at 12 noon in the library meeting room. We are still working on a speaker, so stay tuned to Facebook for details. As always, bring a lunch, the library will provide drinks and dessert.

Third item on our list for the newspaper article is to remind everyone that yes, we have ordered tax forms. However, we have NOT, as of the writing of this article, received any of them yet. We are waiting for the IRS to send them to us. Also we CANNOT supply anyone with “red letter” forms, like W2’s, 1099’s, etc, or any form that is multi-paged, with red-lettering on it. You may only get these type forms from your employer. Your employer is responsible for providing you with these forms, either an actual paper copy or with a secure link on a company website.

Good, now that we have our list of items we can get this article written and submitted to the newspaper – right after we get a refill on our water glass . . .

Happy Reading!

January 9, 2015

Library Corner 1 8 15

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It’s a New Year! It’s a new you. Did you make a New Year’s resolution? We here at the Elma Ross Public Library have resolved to make your time at the library a pleasant and fulfilling experience. We would like for everyone to come to the library, whether it is to check out a book (or two or three), to use the computer, or to send a fax or make a copy, and have a great time while you are here. On a personal note I (Katherine) have, not so much made a resolution as such, but a promise to myself, to better take care of myself, watch what I eat, exercise more, read more, and forgive myself more when I make a mistake. What are your resolutions? Let’s see how we all do.

Now that January 1 has come, it is time for tax season. (shudder, groan, moan, sigh) Yes, it is tax season again. The Elma Ross Public Library is, we believe, one of the only places where you can pick up copies of tax forms through the Federal Tax-form Outlet Program here in Brownsville. We ordered all the tax forms in the late fall through the IRS. And as of the writing of this article, we have currently received NONE of the forms yet. We are awaiting our shipments from the IRS. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. We will, as soon as the forms arrive, put them out. If you wish to print your own tax forms, either at your home, or through the library (library printing fees will be charged), please go to the following website http://www.irs.gov . If you have questions regarding your taxes or which forms that you need to use, please contact a certified tax-preparer. The staff of the Elma Ross Public Library are NOT able to answer ANY tax questions.

Now onto a health note, if you are too sick to be at work or at school, you are too sick to come to the library. While we love all our patrons, we do not love the germs that are being spread. Please stay home and recuperate. Thank you.

Happy Reading!

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