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September 25, 2015

Library Corner 9 24 15

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We are having such a lovely fall here at the library We love falling into great books to read. How about you? Do you love finding a great book or book series that you just fall in love with? What are some of your favorite reads?

We also love being able to help our school students. It is very frustrating for us when a student comes into the library asking for our help on their school project and they have, unfortunately, forgotten their assignment sheet with all the details of the project on it and that it is due the next day. It would assist the library staff greatly if, when there is a big project being assigned, that the teacher would let us know about it so that we can pool our resources here. We all want the best for Haywood County students. Let’s work together in preparing our students for the future. Our children are our greatest resource.

Our greatest resource, our children, need to be nurtured. One way to nurture your child is to read to them from the time that they are born. This can be easily accomplished by enrolling in the Haywood County Reading Railroad. Haywood County Reading Railroad, an affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, delivers a free book per month to children from birth to age five. This is an awesome program and we just celebrated a tremendous milestone – the 100,000 th book was delivered to a child in Haywood County this month. Yea!

Happy Reading!


September 18, 2015

Library Corner 9 17 15

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article this week.

Library Corner 9 10 15

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article this week.

Library Corner 9 3 15

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We love READS here at the library. Hmmm, what’s that? You’ve not heard about READS before? That’s strange since we’ve mentioned it a time or two already. However, since you wish to know. READS is the Regional E-book and Audio-book Download System. READS is available to every Tennessee resident. What does it cost, you ask? Nothing, it is a free service provided to all our patrons here at the library. How does it work? Well, you go to the READS website, look up the book you wish to check out, provide your library card number and check the material out. It should download to your e-reader of choice. Do you have questions about your e-reader? No problem, the READS site offers a fantastic “Help” section which provides assistance about many types of e-readers including Andriod, Apple, Chromebook, Kindle, Mac, Windows, and Windows Phone. Just click on the appropriate link to find information about your device.

In other library news, here are a couple of announcements. The Elma Ross Public Library will be closed on Monday, September 7th in Observance of Labor Day. We hope that everyone has a blessed day. We, at the Elma Ross Public Library, know how much this town loves its high school football. We’ve had an issue here that really needs to be addressed. While attending the football games at the stadium located behind us, please be courteous about where you put your trash. Trash cans are provided at the stadium. Please use them. Please do not litter the library parking lot and lawn with trash. Because of the issue with trash being put in places it shouldn’t be, like the Library Book Return Box, we have decided that the Book Return Box will be locked at 5pm on game nights and unlocked at opening the next day. We hope that this does not cause any inconvenience to you. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Happy Reading!

Library Corner 8 27 15

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article this week.

Library Corner 8 20 15

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Our sincerest apologies for not getting the following announcement in the paper earlier, but our Friends Night, which had been scheduled for Tuesday, August 18th has been postponed due to a conflict with our guest speaker. As soon as we are able to reschedule, we will get the word out. Check the Friends Facebook page and the Library’s Facebook Page for the most current announcements.

Since school is back in session, we wanted to remind all our students, parents, and teachers about the great benefits of the Tennessee Electronic Library. TEL is available to anyone in the state of TN. All you need is an internet connection. TEL has a smorgasbord of resources available for all your research and testing needs. And it is all FREE and available 24/7. There is Homework Help (Research in Context, Student Resources in Context, Opposing Viewpoints in Context, Literature Resources, and TEL Kids for K-5), Research (Gale Powersearch, The Tennessean, Business Insights: Essentials), Test Prep (math and reading from grade 4 through college, ACT, SAT and graduate school entrance exams, Career Testing, GED, HiSet, and computer skills and more), Career Tools (Career Transitions, Career Center, Business Collection, Business Insights: Essentials, and Small Business Resource Center), and Genealogy Sections (ProQuest’s HeritageQuest Online, Tennessee Records, and Tennessee State Library and Archives). For our educators there is Curricular Resources and Lesson Plans. There is also a section Just for Educators. Please use these FREE resources!

Happy Reading!

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