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October 21, 2016

Library Corner 10 20 16

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Book Sale! Yes, you heard that right, there is a Book Sale going on at the library. The Friends of the Elma Ross Public Library are having a Fall Book Sale this week. We have books galore to choose from. We have fiction and non-fiction titles. We have books in hardback and paperback. We have children’s books. We have VHS movies and much, much more! Paperback books are being sold for .10¢ and softcover/hardback books are being sold for .50¢. VHS are being sold for $1.00 and audiobooks are being sold for $2.00. We also have a “Bag of Books” promotion as well. A small sized plastic bag will sell for $2.00, a large size plastic bag/brown grocery bag will sell for $5.00 and boxes will sell from $7.00 – $10.00 depending on size. Join the Friends of the Elma Ross Public Library for our Fall Book Sale!


Library Corner 10 13 16

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article this week.

Library Corner 10 6 16

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Did you do it? Come on you can tell us. Did you sign up for a library card during Library Card Sign-Up Month in September? You did – Wonderful! You now have the world at your fingertips. You didn’t – that’s ok, too. We can get you signed-up for a library card during any month/week/day of the year. Onwards and upwards, as they say. Now to library news for October.

October is here! Fall is here! Crisp, cool breezes, leaves changing color. “Change” – what an interesting word. We are undergoing some changes here at your local library. In order to bring in the new materials, we have to discard old materials. We are currently weeding through our books and discarding some of our older, non-circulating, out-of-date books. We are also making a Young Adult Book area. The Young Adult Books will be housed in the bookcases which originally held our Encyclopedia/Reference books in front of the Adult Non-Fiction bookcases. Our shelves are looking great and we hope that everyone enjoys this new layout. We must give a shout-out to our Hatchie River Regional Library staff for assisting us in getting this necessary task done. Discarding books still breaks our little librarian hearts, but it has to be done. We only have so much room and we can’t keep everything. Sigh.

Happy Reading!

Library Corner 9 29 16

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article for this week.

Library Corner 9 22 16

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We are all about reading here at your local public library. Who would have thought that? The public library wants people to love reading. We do, we really do. Reading is a lifelong skill that will influence your entire life. Reading will impact your life, not just throughout your school years, but well beyond to your chosen career. Where would you be without reading? You would be lost, utterly lost, without the ability to read. So, we also know that some folks out there do not like reading and some folks even have difficulty with reading. We want to help. Are you more of an auditory learner? Meaning that you learn better by hearing something rather than reading it? There are books on CD and other audio-type books available for you. Have you heard about READS? READS is the Regional E-book and Audio-book Download System. READS has thousands of titles available for you to download to the e-reader/audio reader of your choice. You do need your library card in order to check these materials out. Go to this website: http://reads.lib.overdrive.com, search for the book you want, and have your library card number handy to check the material out. Now you can listen to your chosen book. If you have any questions or concerns about READS, please call us here at the library, 772-9534, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Since this is Homecoming Week, we would like to wish Haywood High School best wishes on the upcoming Homecoming Game on Friday night. We also would like to announce that the Elma Ross Public Library will be CLOSED on Friday, September 23rd, because of the homecoming festivities planned for the stadium parking lot this day. Go Tomcats!

Happy Reading!

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