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November 21, 2017

Library Corner 10 26 17

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The Elma Ross Public Library has a Meeting Room that is used by community groups and individuals. Each person/group signs a Meeting Room Policy Agreement, but I thought that placing the information in this format would also be appropriate. The Meeting Room is available to the community on a fee basis and to non-profit groups at no charge. The Fee for the room is $50.00. There is an additional Key/Damage Deposit of $100.00. The Key/Damage Deposit is returned when the keys are returned and the room is found to be as clean/neat as prior to the event. The Meeting Room Keys, in the bag provided, may be picked up on the last working day (M-F) before the scheduled event. The keys, in the bag provided, are to be returned into the library the first working day (M-F) after the event. Should the keys not be returned within 48 hours, or become lost, the Key/Damage Deposit is forfeited. Only the Library Director and Assistant Library Director may handle Meeting Room reservations/transactions.

The following rules are established for the use of the library Meeting Room. 1) Failure to notify of cancellation of meeting date at least 24-hours in advance will result in forfeit of rental fee. 2) Alcoholic beverages are not permitted. 3) Red or purple punch is not allowed. 4) Children must be supervised at all times. 5) No materials may be affixed in any manner to the walls, ceiling, doors/doorframe, windows/window-frame, or outside posts. 7) Smoking is not permitted. 8) Licensee is responsible for set-up and cleaning of room – a vacuum cleaner and broom are located in the closet. 9) No supplies will be provided by the library. 10) The library is not responsible for any items left in the meeting room and these items will become property of the library. 11) Licensee is responsible for any damages incurred while Meeting Room is in use.

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Library Corner 10 19 17

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Are you familiar with Haywood County Reading Railroad? If not, you should be. Haywood County Reading Railroad, our locally named affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, was started in Haywood County in 2004. 13 years. Reading Railroad has been active in Haywood County for 13 years. And we dearly hope for a great many more years to come.

Haywood County Reading Railroad provides children from birth to age five in Haywood County with a free book a month sent via the USPS. A free book to your child every month – how awesome is this! Children love to receive mail. What better piece of mail than a book which you can read to your child. Reading to your child every day helps to develop reading/learning skills in later life, so please keep reading. Just a few minutes each day. You don’t have to finish the book each time, just talking about the pictures and asking your child questions helps tremendously.

Signing up for this program is easy. Application forms are available at the Health Department, several of the doctors’ offices around town, and the Elma Ross Public Library. Please let us know if you move as we want the books to move with you. There is no charge to participate in this program.

Haywood County Reading Railroad, while free to all participants, does require funding to operate. Our governing board is made up of community volunteers and we operate under a 501(c)3 designation meaning that all donations are tax-exempt. Please consider giving the gift of reading by making a donation to Haywood County Reading Railroad and continuing this program for future generations.

Haywood County Reading Railroad will have a booth set up at the Hatchie Fall Fest on October 21 and we’ll be happy to sign your child up that day.

Happy Reading!

October 13, 2017

Library Corner 10 12 17

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Writers block is just no fun. No fun at all. Why can’t I think of anything to write? This is ridiculous. Come on, lady, get your head together. This Library Corner article has to get completed and submitted to the newspaper pronto. Ok, calm down. No sense pacing the office and staring at a blank page on the work processing program. (“Blank sheet of paper sounds better”, but technology is what it is.) Sit down, take a deep breath, have a sip of water (MMMMM, that’s tasty.) and let’s list all the things that are happening at the library for the rest of the month. There is Toddler Time on Monday, October 16th at 11am. All toddlers and their caregivers are invited to come listen to stories and have a craft/color. There is also Lunch and Leisure on Wednesday, October 25th at 12 noon. Everyone is invited to bring a lunch and the library will provide drinks, dessert and coloring materials. (Sounds like great fun, don’t you think?) Oh yes, Halloween is also this month on Tuesday, October 31st. Stop by the library for a treat. Great, now I have a list of items to work with and I can write this article and send it in. One last thing, I always include a “Happy Reading” at the end.

Happy Reading!

October 6, 2017

Library Corner 10 5 17

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October is here. We certainly love to fall into a great book. Come to the library and check out of collections and find a really wonderful read. Fall is a fabulous time to curl up in a comfy chair with a warm blanket and sipping hot tea as you are transported to another time and place in an amazing adventure with one of your favorite characters. We love fall.

If you would rather curl up with your trusty dependable e-reader, that is awesome too. Have you perused the READS catalog lately? There are thousands of books to choose from. READS is absolutely free. All you need is your library card number, an internet connection, and your e-reader. It is important that you key in your library card number correctly. Please remember that there is the letter “O” and not the number “0” in the “BROW” part of your library card number. If you have any issues in downloading/accessing your READS material, please contact the library and we will do everything that we can to help you.

Beginning this month, the library will be allowing 3 DVD checkouts per household and the loan period will be 2 days. Please return all DVDs and Audiobooks INSIDE the library as to prevent any damage being done to the disks by dropping them in the book return box. Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy Reading!

September 28, 2017

Library Corner 9 28 17

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article this week.

Library Corner 9 21 17

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Is there someone in your life that is hard to shop for? Do you often wonder what gift to give the person that has everything? The library may be able to help. The library is proud and grateful to receive gifts in memory or in honor of your loved ones. When you come in to make your gift donation the following information is needed. The library needs the name of the person that the gift is in memory of or in honor of. The library needs the name and address of the person that the memorial/honorarium acknowledgement card may be sent to. The library also needs the information about the book/material (title/author/format) that is requested to be purchased with the funds given. Simple and easy.

We have a little bit of a problem occurring here at the library. We largely notice this problem on game days held at the football stadium. We are trying to give people the benefit of the doubt and are hoping that what happens isn’t done maliciously. We are having people use the Book Return Box as a trash can. It is a simple square white metal box with the words “Book Return” written on it and signs stating “Books ONLY” and “No Trash” on it as well. Please do NOT put trash in the Book Return Box as it damages any materials that may be inside. With this being the case (again), the library is making the decision to lock the Book Return Box on game nights. It will be locked at 5pm on game nights and will be unlocked the next morning.

The Elma Ross Public Library will be closed on Friday, September 29 due to the HHS Homecoming Football game and pre-game tailgate party. Go Tomcats!

Happy Reading!

Library Corner 9 14 17

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Our apologies. There is no Library Corner article this week.

Library Corner 9 7 17

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Did everyone have a good Labor Day? Have you ever wondered how that particular holiday started? Here is a little information about the Labor Day holiday.

From: https://www.dol.gov/general/laborday/history
Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. Through the years the nation gave increasing emphasis to Labor Day. The first governmental recognition came through municipal ordinances passed during 1885 and 1886. From these, a movement developed to secure state legislation. The first state bill was introduced into the New York legislature, but the first to become law was passed by Oregon on February 21, 1887. During the year four more states — Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York — created the Labor Day holiday by legislative enactment. By the end of the decade Connecticut, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania had followed suit. By 1894, 23 other states had adopted the holiday in honor of workers, and on June 28 of that year, Congress passed an act making the first Monday in September of each year a legal holiday in the District of Columbia and the territories.

Wednesday, September 13 will be National Peanut Day so come celebrate with us as we give out peanuts.

Happy Reading!

September 1, 2017

Library Corner 8 31 17

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Did you enjoy yourself watching the eclipse last week? We sure did! We used our pinhole viewer made of plain cardstock and aluminum foil. It was really something when it got dim and the crickets started chirping. Nature sure is amazing.

The library has some amazing things happening for the month of September. For starters, we will have Curious George Family Night on Friday, September 1st at 7pm. Join us as we celebrate all things Curious George. We will have Curious George stories and a Curious George craft. The library will be closed on Monday, September 4 in observance of Labor Day. We hope that everyone has a blessed day. The library will celebrate National Peanut Day on September 13th. Toddler Time will be offered on Monday, September 18th at 11am. All toddlers and their caregivers are invited to come listen to stories and have a small craft/color. Lunch & Leisure will be offered on Wednesday, September 27th at 12 noon. Bring your lunch and the library will provide drinks, dessert, and coloring materials.

Happy Reading!

Library Corner 8 24 17

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Since the Elma Ross Public Library is largely a popular materials library, we have a limited number of materials related to medical and legal issues. However, there are two fantastic websites that can assist you with your research needs in these areas. What are these two websites, you ask? They are medlineplus.gov and help4tn.org.

Medlineplus.gov (https://medlineplus.gov/ ) is the National Institutes of Health’s Web site for patients and their families and friends. Produced by the National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library, it brings you information about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues in language you can understand. MedlinePlus offers reliable, up-to-date health information, anytime, anywhere, for free.

Help4tn.org (http://www.help4tn.org/) is a web portal designed to provide Tennesseans with a broad range of legal and social services resources in a one-stop venue. The site was conceived and created by the Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS) in partnership with West Tennessee Legal Services through a Technology Initiative Grant from Legal Services Corporation. TALS partners with legal service providers to compile legal information on key issues, and TALS partners with The National Association of Social Workers, TN chapter, on content to strengthen the social services referral network to families and children statewide.By combining legal and social services resources in an easy to use format, the HELP4TN site allows Tennesseans to address these two critical and often connected needs.

These two websites are excellent resources that are free to use anytime, anywhere. So if you have any medical or legal issue questions, please ask us about medlineplus and help4tn. They can be accessed at any of our library computers or by your own home computer.

Happy Reading!

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